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Product launch marketing services are designed to provide top-level assistance for brands that are launching a new product online. Take a look at our product launch consulting approach:

  • We design a customized marketing and public relations campaign for your new product.
  • We run tests to determine the potential of a new product.
  • A professional product launch consultant will help you generate interest through a targeted media outreach program.
  • We will help you in creating quality web content that highlights the best features of your product.
  • Our dedicated team of product launch consulting experts will help you time and plan your product launch.
  • We create and promote a launch event for the new product.
  • A dedicated product launch manager will oversee the development of online marketing campaigns for the product including press releases, webinars, search engine marketing, and email advertising.
  • Our product launch consulting service also involves providing assistance in the  implementation of the launch.
Product Quantity

Full feature (product launch analysis)

500.00 each

Add more features for a successful launch! (Add On)

150.00 each


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