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You kicked-off your startup because you were convinced with your business idea. Why? It was your business idea, so you believed in it.
But your potential customers might not be convinced when they first visit your website. They need one or more nudges before they actually become your customers.
Retargeting ads do the nudging.
What is a retargeting ad, and how does it work?
Retargeting is a means of marketing in which you show relevant ads to those who have previously visited your website.
When a potential customer comes to your website, a pixel (an unobtrusive piece of JavaScript) is placed on their web browser. In other words, your potential customer’s browser is cookied.
And when this customer visits other websites, the retargeting platform is notified by that pixel and the customer is served with the relevant ads based on the pages he/she visited on your website.
With effective retargeting ads, you can convert those visitors who have previously shown interest in your products or services and increase your conversion rate.

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