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As a startup, there’s no better way to create a strong buzz about your brand than going viral on the internet. Creating content that goes viral can make your business an overnight success.
What’s more, viral marketing is essentially a result of the combined efforts of the other techniques we’ve already discussed.
So how do you go viral?
Well to put it simply, by doing something incredibly hilarious and possibly weird. Leverage social media to get yourself noticed and shared to the best of your abilities.
It’s sure to cause a major surge in the traffic to your website for a certain period of time. And once you’ve gone from relatively obscure to trending, your job is half done. The other half, of course, is converting that huge traffic into purchasing customers.

Product Quantity

Viral video

50.00 each

Extra viral video up to 10 seconds (Add on)

30.00 each

Extra 10 seconds viral video (Add on)

20.00 each

Extra 5 seconds viral video (Add on)

10.00 each


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